Arctick Certified
hitachi air conditioning specialist


If the world fails to act now to become environmentally sustainable, eventually there will be no world to act in. So at Tempest we provide our clients with energy-efficient solutions that:

  • reduce their carbon footprint
  • save money
  • boost their NABERS rating
  • demonstrate to the public their commitment to environmental sustainability

We help our clients improve energy efficiency by designing and installing new cutting-edge systems. Another key way that we help our clients conserve energy is through regular servicing and maintenance of existing equipment.
Tempest has made a commitment to:

  • act according to the long-term best interests of our clients, suppliers and employees
  • build sustainability into everything we do as a company
  • regularly review, train and educate our staff on our environmental sustainability policies
  • make decisions today based on long-term consequences
  • be mindful of our impact on the community and the environment

Talk to Tempest to find out how we can help you turn your organisation’s commitment to environmental sustainability into real results. Call (02) 9838 9811 or email us