Arctick Certified
hitachi air conditioning specialist


Tempest’s clients have peace of mind because they know that if they have a problem one of our highly skilled technicians is only a phone call away—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians respond rapidly anywhere in the greater Sydney metro area. They have the expertise to get all types of systems up and running with minimal downtime, including:

  • critical environments such as computer rooms, data centres and broadcasters
  • close tolerance equipment
  • water-cooled, air-cooled and chilled-water systems
  • screw, centrifugal and reciprocating chillers
  • open drive compressor systems
  • industrial and process cooling equipment
  • high-rise main building plant, including older-style DX systems
  • pneumatic control systems in older buildings
  • commercial rooftop packaged and ducted split systems
  • Temperzone and Bradway equipment. Tempest has been the Sydney warranty and service agent for these high-quality products since 1993

Call (02) 9838 9811 or email us to learn how Tempest can help you ensure the comfort of your employees and customers 24/7.

Tempest, in understanding the complexities of our equipment, have commenced a rigorous maintenance regime which we feel has now given us back control of our plant. This in turn has created machine efficiency, substantial energy savings and will no doubt increase longevity of the equipment…

Ashley ThackerBuilding Manager - Pacific Building Management Group