The Tempest team has worked on commercial and industrial buildings under my management for the past 20 years. Works conducted on all these sites include: HVAC maintenance and major upgrade or replacement of chillers, cooling towers, air handling units and other components of HVAC systems.

They are a highly professional team of people with expertise in achieving operational efficiencies and energy reductions through their knowledge of building controls, particularly interface between BMCS and mechanical plant and equipment. They have always achieved their contractual obligations and KPIs whilst going above and beyond the scope of works to deliver quality service.

Ijaz AftabOperations Manager, Darling Park - Jones Lang LaSalle

We made the change over to Tempest Air conditioning and Mechanical around two years ago.

We experienced an immediate change in our level of service and attention to detail from that of our previous contractor.

Once Tempest had the chance to get our system back on track and well maintained we have experienced a reduction in our breakdown rate of 80%.

By keeping our systems well maintained and making us aware of possible issues before they eventuate, our overall costs have been greatly reduced in line with a reduction in breakdowns.

Tempest has provided a very proactive approach towards our company. In turn this has resulted in a great reduction of breakdowns and overall costs.

I would highly recommend Tempest Air Conditioning and Mechanical.

Christian MillettDirector - Wakeup Hotels

In an effort to secure an alternative HVAC provider for our site several years ago, it was suggested we call Tempest Air. They took our enquiries seriously and went about doing what needed to be done in a professional fashion. We have since used Tempest for several fitout projects and, in particular, a one-night critical-timeline kitchen exhaust fan upgrade that ran seamlessly and 100% according to plan. We are comfortable referring Tempest to any commercial building owner, as a company that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Ross Moore Facilities Manager - Brookfield Commercial Operations Pty Ltd

Having recently engaged a new HVAC service provider for our buildings, it would be fair to say that Tempest have been a “breath of fresh air”. From the outset, they have been professional, thorough and most importantly had quickly grasped the concept and operation of our seawater heat exchange plant along with the entire range of HVAC equipment.

Tempest, in understanding the complexities of our equipment, have commenced a rigorous maintenance regime which we feel has now given us back control of our plant. This in turn has created machine efficiency, substantial energy savings and will no doubt increase longevity of the equipment.

I would be comfortable in recommending Tempest to any commercial building owner/operator should they require a professionally operated service provider that has the ability to look outside the square.

Ashley ThackerBuilding Manager - Pacific Building Management Group

In my capacity as Facility Manager for Foxtel I have been involved with Tempest for over ten years; the relationship is one of our longest standing. Tempest have always served Foxtel requirements as a priority and we heavily rely on them… I have no hesitation in recommending Tempest and vouching for their professionalism.

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Ben NichollsFacility Manager - Foxtel